Sunday, April 28, 2013

Smash Cake!

Cam is turning 1! Our sweet friends asked me to make a smash cake for Cameron's first birthday party and I was soooo excited! 

As soon as I started my search on Pinterest, I found some of the cutest smash cakes. The one that caught my eye though, was tie dyed! And what kid (or adult) doesn't LOVE sprinkles?!

I wanted to make sure the cake was going to be perfect for the big I made a "practice" cake for the pictures the weekend before.  
Here is where my inspiration came from...
This little cake was made especially for the birthday boy to smash and dig into! Here’s how it works: place baby in highchair, place smash cake on tray, let baby go for it, take adorable pictures! I'm pretty sure this smash cake was a success! :)

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