Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Treat Boxes

Baking during the holiday season is one of my favorite things to do. We are so blessed to have such an awesome neighborhood and I wanted to share some sweet treats with everyone!

I came across this post from you are my fave and couldn't wait to recreate it!
I searched for the cute little compartment boxes, but ended up just getting some tins from Hobby Lobby. At $2.50 (half off!) a pop, you just can't beat it.

Each little package contained the following:
peppermint oreo truffles
chocolate toffee grahams
dark chocolate covered sea salt caramel
white chocolate pretzels
chocolate covered rice krispies
cranberry pistachio bark

All of the goodies were homemade with the exception of the Dove caramels. Let's face it, they are just too darn good to recreate. 

YAMF also created the cutest labels to attach to each box. Since my treats weren't exactly the same, I created my own labels. If you want to make the exact same treat boxes, I have my labels available for you to download, print, and attach on the top of the box with ribbon.

The chalkboard labels were designed by Valerie McKeehan for World Label and can be downloaded here

I hope this post inspires you to create something delicious for the people you love! Merry Christmas! 

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